We make your company or product easy to understand by using animated or live action explainer videos.

At QB Media we help our clients get to their target audience in a simple manner. Forget about long paragraphs and boring screenshots, we’ll get your message through by using engaging and fun to watch animated videos.

Explainer Videos

These kind of videos are mostly seen on the internet and its mission is to explain what a company does or how a product will fulfill the user’s needs.

Due to today’s high speed internet connections and huge quantities of content, customers won’t stay long on your site if they don’t find what they are looking for in just seconds. The typical internet user will leave your site in just 8 seconds if he is not engaged by then.

  • Explainer videos are good for SEO
  • Increase conversion rates by 15% to 50%,
  • Get viral
  • Are 6 times more effective than traditional print marketing materials!

Promo Videos

promotional video is also made to promote the products and services of a company. The main difference with an explainer video is the duration. While an explainer animation will go in depth about a product, a promo video will just scratch the surface (launching of a new product, how to get it, etc) and usually doesn’t last longer than 30-40 seconds.

Stop Motion

More than a category itself, stop motion videos are a style…and a pretty old one (and amazing too!). Basically stop motion videos are made by taking pictures of elements and then animating all of those pictures together to make an object move.

At QB Media we don’t create actual stop motion videos, but a CGI version which looks just the same with all the benefits CGI involves for postproduction.

App Videos

App Videos are basically an explainer or promotional video for an iPhone or iPad app.

– Ok, let’s not get into the Apple wagon here…

An app video is a fun and engaging way of promoting your new and awesome tablet or smartphone game slash application.

– Much better, Mr. Copywriter.

Animated music videos

We love music. We love animation. We love videos.

As a matter of fact we started on this when we did the animated music video for Arms & Sleepers’ amazing tune “The Architekt”.

Animated music videos allow that extra artistic vision without blowing the budget out of proportions, making this, the number 1 option for indie and consolidated artists around the world.

Why are your videos so full of awesome?

We have a team of graduate designers who are able to create new worlds and awesome characters and mascots


We have animators who will work their hearts off to get on screen what they see in their heads


We have a team of video and sound editors with a decade of experience


We have an advertising and marketing background which helps us convey your message in the best possible way


We have an out-of-this-world sound effects bank. If we don’t find the sound we are looking for, we create it ourselves.


We love our clients

The Voice talents we work with sum up an impressive portfolio which includes clients like Nintendo, Doritos, McDonald’s, Sprite, Axe and Head & Shoulders

Our English and Spanish speaking professionals  can work doing different accents. We have an option for every need!

Interested in our work? We work with startups and multinational companies, don’t be shy and…

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