Creative, fun, and handsome. These are our Directors.

  • Javi
    JaviArt Director, Designer and Animator

    Founder at QB Media. Graduate Digital and Graphic designer. Awesome guitar player. Exquisite animator. Post-production Ninja. He is just out of this world. We will never let him write his bio again.

    • Max
      MaxDirector, Editor, Pilot

      Max. Awesome guy. Quad Copter pilot. Director extraordinaire and amazing editor. A decade of experience in commercial and promotional videos. He just proposed to his girlfriend. She said yes.

      filming gear

      We work with the latest and best equipment available. This is our Live action gear

      • Canon Digital Cameras (7D and 6D)
      • Panasonic 4K
      • Portrait lenses
      • Wide Angle lenses
      • Tele lenses
      • Lighting kit
      • Steadicams
      • Camera Dollies
      • Microphones
      •  QuadCopter DJI Phantom II with Gimbal stabilizer
      • QuadCopter DJI Inspire
      • Go Pro 3+ Black edition

      If you think you may need something that is not included on the list please let us know. Extra Gear can be rented.

      Aerial cinematography has never been so easy.

      Endless Possibilities

      Make your video look like a million bucks. Because you can. The use of the Quadcopter allows us to film from a considerable height without the need to hire a helicopter or rent expensive cranes. The Gimbal stabilizer allows us to rotate the camera independent of the Quadcopter’s direction, producing some beautiful and amazing results.

      We can fly at low altitude, at car and actor height, or even record glorious aerial footage. Your call.

      We  keep up to date on latest hardware and software releases.
      This is what you’ll find in our animator workstations:

      We use Mac computers for our editing and animation work (an industry standard).

      Graphic Tablets
      Our animators use digital graphic tablets to speed up the sketch and drawing processes.

      Sometimes our animators need some visual aid. That’s when Manny the mannequin comes in.

      Snacks and Candy
      We see this around…a lot. Still trying to figure out how our animators keep in shape.

      Microphones and Pop Filters
      We have a huge sound effect stock, but in some occasions there’s a sound we have to create. Sometimes a character (such as Bob, the alien) needs to make a sound just as the animator thinks it should be. That’s when the mikes come in.

      Coffee or soft drinks, the need for caffeine is usually noticed while working on projects with a tight deadline…or early in the morning when our robot-slave-animators continue work after a sleepless night. Just kidding. No.

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